Collaborating, listening, and working on each issue while growing the product space together.

Guildenberg is a group of product makers that have come together with decades of experience, who all know they are stronger together.

Built on and in
Open Source

We understand the need for distribution and collaboration. We build on WordPress, staying in this space because we believe in the project’s direction, community, and future.

WordPress is people source. It’s made by those using and creating it, who have their livelihood based on it. From agencies to freelancers, product companies to hosting providers. Our north star is the people who create with WordPress.

Work in the open

Our commitment is to share in the open, telling the stories of what we are creating and who we are creating with. Sharing early, often, and listening continuously.

Our ideas and processes are made available through our blog, podcasts, playbooks, and more.

Built on collaboration

From distribution issues to maintenance and compatibility, there are evident challenges. Many good ideas that could be opportunities are yet to be made in this space. We want to support and connect product creators with those ideas.

We have seen first-hand the trials of agencies and freelancers playing Tetris with plugins and compatibility conflicts. We’ve seen all levels of WordPress. We understand the frustrations sometimes caused by fragmented interfaces and worries around the impact of phases, the need to survive, and the rapidly changing space.

Collaborative success

We have started by gathering incredible products as our first cohort of members from across the WordPress ecosystem.

Distribution continues to be an issue for many products in this space. We have, from the start, partnered with hosts and are looking to bring more onboard.

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