Hello WordPress.

There are problems to solve around products, and we want to do it with your help.

Growing products is hard, and we should know that with many decades of experience between us. We want to start one problem at a time. Collaborate, listen, and work on each issue while growing the product space.

We want to share in the open, telling the story of what we are creating and those we are doing it with. Share early, share often and listen continuously. Our commitment starts today, there, with this.

Our journey

Those creating Guildenberg are experienced product creators both inside and outside WordPress. This project has evolved and gathered us to make it initially and now to find, develop and grow it together.

We know products, and we are building ourselves. We understand and feel the need for distribution and collaboration like this.

We build on WordPress, staying in this space because we believe in the project's direction, community, and future.


Our hearts

At the heart of everything we do is open source. Originating from this community, we hold a deep-seated care for the Five For the Future initiative, making it an integral part of our foundation. For WordPress and its supporting projects to flourish, we must all contribute to the creation and development in this space.

As a collective, we recognize the importance of product compatibility. Our values are rooted in leveraging the opportunities presented by the WordPress project, including its new features and native components. We want to take that understanding into supporting products, offering education, exploring possibilities, and collaborating.

Your part

Our journey is not uncommon in this space. It's yours in some parts, depending on your WordPress journey.

Product creators need help, from distribution issues to maintenance and compatibility - there are evident problems. Many good ideas that could be opportunities are yet to be made in this space. We want to support and connect product creators with those ideas and feedback.

We have seen first-hand the trials of agencies and freelancers playing Tetris with plugins and compatibility conflicts. Some of us have worked in agencies, and some have worked in hosting. We've seen all levels of the WordPress layer. We've felt those fragmented interfaces and worries around the impact of phases, the need to survive, and the rapidly changing blocks.

WordPress is people source. It's made by those using and creating in it, who have their livelihood based on it. With those making sites from agencies to freelancers, those creating products, the businesses of WordPress, and the services built on it - it is where it is today. We believe this; this drives us. Our north star is the people who create with WordPress.


First we start with products

We have started by gathering incredible products as our first cohort of members from across the WordPress ecosystem. This is their community and their livelihoods.

We want to support their success and empower them to grow and collaborate. Start solving problems together. Our members are already sharing offers, making connections, and starting to share their stories, needs, wants, and priorities with us.

Then partners

Distribution continues to be an issue for many products in this space. We have, from the start, partnered with hosts and are looking to bring more on board.

This ensures that whilst we might still have an app store to start, we can also lift through offers, promotions, collaborations, recommendations and connecting products directly with hosts.

Currently, we are working on ways to optimise these partnerships. We are starting with offers and connecting products with promotional opportunities such as featuring with hosts.


Next, we create collections

Now we have the products, we have some great partners in hosting, we have to start - but it is just a start. The first thing we want to do is solve perhaps one of the problems we often hear.

"Why can't I just have a solution for....that just works"

This is where collections come in. They will be within an app store. Hosts will potentially promote a version too of them through recommendations and offers.

Collections are products grouped by solutions. Compatible together, quality checked and ready to go.

Collections are a start, our first offering, and we think it is the right approach to begin the app store part of Guildenberg.

Now, have your say

This can't be created without collaboration. The biggest lesson for us in our journey within WordPress and Guildenberg is that we need to do this in the open with you all.

Launching collections and hoping we deliver what you want doesn't feel true to the community, to WordPress. To start, let us know if our planned first collection interests you or if there is a better collection you need today.

We what problems you need solutions for in your business and can't find a solution, be that any type. If you are making a product, what is your biggest problem we might need to include?

We also plan to bring the business community together; what would you like to see in spaces and collaboration? What education and support do you need? What is missing in this space right now?

This is also your opportunity if you have a product you want to join Guildenberg with, let us know all about what you are creating.


Let us know these and other perspectives in our feedback form right here. Sign up for the first collection today and join the mailing list too.


We are creating guildenberg

Jonathan Wold, Luke Carbis, Tammie Lister, Patrick Dolan

Collaborate with us whilst we create

While we build we are also available for fractional and contract roles. Learn more about each of us here.

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